is a uniquely effective combination, consisting of 4 ingredients: paracetamol, propyphenazone, caffeine and codeine, ideally balanced to achieve analgesic synergy.

1. Is it true that Caffetin® elevates the blood pressure?

This question, whether the caffeine contained in Caffetin® affects the elevation of the blood pressure, is frequently asked. It has been experimentally proved that caffeine has no effect on blood pressure, cardiac frequency, cardiac inotropy or the cateholamine level in blood. The caffeine content in one Caffetin® tablet - 50 mg, is very small, only one third of the amount contained in a cup of coffee (150 mg).The preparation is quite safe to use and it poses no risk of blood pressure elevation.

2. Can Caffetin® cause allergic reaction?
Theoretically, allergic reaction can be caused by anything taken in the organism (food, drugs, beverages). As all other drugs, Caffetin® may seldom cause allergic reaction. In case of oversensitivity, it must be investigated which if the ingredients caused the allergy, so that it is avoided in future.

3.̀ày children use Caffetin®?

Caffetin® is quite safe to be used by children aged 7 and above, in doses of 1/4 - 1/2  tablet 1- 4 times daily.

4. Does Caffetin® cause addiction?
If taken in the recommended doses, Caffetin® does not cause addiction because the codeine dose contained in one tablet is very small – 10 mg. As a mild opiate analgesic, codeine does not cause addiction, even if it is taken in the maximum daily doses of 360 mg. So, Caffetin® is a safe preparation which poses no risk of causing addiction.

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