is a uniquely effective combination, consisting of 4 ingredients: paracetamol, propyphenazone, caffeine and codeine, ideally balanced to achieve analgesic synergy.

Caffeine is a xantine derivative with an effect on CNS, the cardiovascular system and the skeletal muscles. It is a CNS stimulant, but it also acts as an analgesic adjuvant. For a long period it has been a constituent of OTC and proscribed analgesic combinations. As an analgesic adjuvant, it enhances the analgesic effect and ensures the equanalgesic effect with doses by 40% lower than the existing ingredients.

Caffeine is found in tea, coffee and cola drinks. Its concentration ranges from 100-150 mg/180 ml in coffee, 60-80 mg/180 ml in instant coffee, 40-100 mg/180 ml in tea and 17-55 mg/180 ml in cola drinks.

One Caffetin® tablet contains only 50 mg caffeine.

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